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DICOM - the ideal data format!

DICOM is an open worldwide standard in existence since 1993. It is used in almost all clinics that use digital image data.
DICOM is future-proof since it is continually improved. The standard is very comprehensive and responds to all needs arising during the exchange of digital image and patient data. The DICOM format ensures that no mix-up of image and patient data can occur.


Exhalation-B V.1.3 (06/2005)

Single Image view:

Exhalation-B is a free available DICOM directory and file Browser.

It can be used to get a quick overview about the images, a Part10 compatible DICOM directory holds. It has a quick preview and a full window view of the images of a directory. You can also see the DICOM Tag information of the image file. The program is designed to start directly from CD or other read-only drives. It is not necessary to run an installation.

What's new in V.1.3

+ Full screen view, now with person- and image data overlay
+ First command line parameter of Exhalation-B now supports DICOMDIR
or a single DICOM image (Drag and Drop is possible)
+ Menu support
+ Tiff export
+ Stability bug fixes

Tag View:

Full Screen view:

License agreement:
This program is made available, as it is.
We are not reliable regarding the software, its performance, its merchantability or usability for any particular case, freedom from any computer diseases or its conformity to any specification.
The entire risk as to quality and performance of the program is with the user.
It is not allowed to use Exhalation-B for medical diagnostics.
It is not allowed to sell this product or to integrate it into a commercially sold product.
If you are interested in further usage of Exhalation-B don't hesitate to contact us.

Exhalation-B is available for Win 2000/XP

You can download the compressed zip archive here: (V.1.3-06.06.2005)

Setup version, for local install and creating shortcuts: Setup.exe (V.1.3)

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