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Medical Technology

Developing of medical Software

  • DICOM Software
  • DICOM-linkage
  • Cross-linking's in hospitals


We have experiences in fastidious software development, within the range of medical technology and their quality regulations. Both in image processing (X-ray, video), as well as in the area of the building user interface (e.g. in Windows) we are proficient. The cross-linking of med. devices is our special field.

DICOM is a world-wide standard for the storage of medical pictures and for the exchange of picture and patient information in the medical sphere.

Particularly in heterogeneous environments of a hospital it is difficult to synchronize all patient and image data of different modalities. With DICOM a standard exists, which makes it possible to interconnect most diverse devices and data bases.

Under assistance of HIS -, RIS- and PACS systems and the appropriate DICOM functionalities it is possible to realize a consistent workflow.
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