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Digial imaging and communikation in medicine

DICOM Integration Plus bringing worlds together

“DICOM Integration Plus“ is the economical product family for interdisciplinary, manufacturer-independent DICOM-based data exchange. It offers an exchange of image and patient data beyond system limits. DICOM Integration Plus is of equal interest to clinics and doctors' offices. The “DICOM Integration File” and “DICOM Integration Dir” products are particularly suited for film-free transmissions. In contrast to the network functionalities of “DICOM Send”, here the data exchange takes place effortlessly via files that can be exchanged directly on standard data media.

DICOM - the ideal data format!

DICOM is an open worldwide standard in existence since 1993. It is used in almost all clinics that use digital image data.


DICOM is future-proof since it is continually upgraded. The standard is very comprehensive and responds to all needs arising during the exchange of digital image and patient data. The DICOM format ensures that no mix-up of image and patient data can occur. The new DICOM image formats IO and DX are particularly suited for dental digital X-rays. Even device information and anatomical location information such as the tooth number can be stored. DICOM is supported by the ADA (American Dental Association) and is viewed as the basis for system-independent data exchange.

Transmissions using “DICOM Integration File/Dir” and SIDEXIS XG:

• Direct DICOM File Export and/or examination-result export. This already contains patient data, text of the findings, location information and other important data of the X-ray picture.
• Transfer of the file via data media or e-mail.
• Viewing of the data at the receiver's end using a standard DICOM viewer or import of the data into another image processing program via a DICOM import function. These are features that will be offered by the „DICOM Integration Plus“ products.
(DICOM viewers are available free of charge)

DICOM Integration File:

With the“DICOM Integration File” SIDEXIS images can be exported to a corresponding DICOM file format. In doing so, not only image data, but also patient information and examination-relevant information can be recorded.

Panoramic and cephalometric images can be stored in DICOM DX format. intraoral X-rays are stored in DICOM IO format. Secondary Capture format (SC) is supported as well for every image type including still video.
These formats are manufacturer and operating-system independent. They can be exchanged on standardized data media or by e-mail.
“DICOM Integration File Plus” will additionally be capable of importing DICOM DX-, IO- and SC-images, respectively into SIDEXIS XG.

Simple installation and perfect integration with DirectDental!

The DirectDental interface allows all products of the “DICOM Integration Plus” family to be easily connected to well-known products of dental digital image processing programs. The functions can then be called up directly in SIDEXIS XG via configurable menus and buttonbars, which makes it easy for the user to learn.

DICOM Integration Dir:

“DICOM Integration Dir” contains all DICOM File functions and, in addition, offers the possibility to store entire SIDEXIS XG examinations at once in DICOM files. In addition to the files, a DICOM Directory is written. Herein all related files are linked together. A DICOM-compatible viewer can access all stored patient and examination data via the DICOM Directory and display them in the context of the images.
“DICOM Integration Dir Plus” will additionally be able to import several XG-compatible DX-, IO- and SC-images from a DICOM DIR into SIDEXIS XG.

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